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Adelaide greyhound racing is a hugely underestimated force in Australian greyhound racing. The city has proven itself time and time again to be a passionate supporter of the industry and has produced some of the finest greyhounds to ever run in this country. There are two main tracks available for…

Adelaide Greyhound Racing

Adelaide greyhound racing is becoming more and more popular every day. Greyhound racing is a sport in which dogs chase a lure (an artificial rabbit) around a track and the first dog to get the lure is declared the winner. The Adelaide greyhounds are protected by the GRSA (Greyhound Racing SA Limited), which is a group that closely monitors and regulates the races to ensure that they are both ethical and humane.

TracksAdelaide Greyhounds

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There are multiple racetracks, which offer greyhound racing. Angle Park offers a sand track and utilizes a cable lure system. On site bookmakers and TAB facilities as well as Sky Channel coverage are all offered at Angle Park. Free parking is available inside the grounds at Angle Park but kennels are not available on site. Club Gawler offers a sand track using a Bramich lure system. Gawler races are shown live on Sky Channel with replays available and the club features on site bookmakers and TAB facilities. Patrons can find parking inside the grounds. Mount Gambier Club uses a cable lure system and has a sand track. On site bookmakers are available but totalisor facilities are not. Parking is available for trainers and patrons inside the grounds. Kennels are not available for greyhounds at Mount Gambier. Club Port Augusta features a grass track and uses a Bramich lure system. There are bookmakers in attendance but totalisor facilities are not available. Kennels are available on site for greyhounds and parking can be found both inside and outside of the grounds.

Adelaide Cup

The Adelaide Cup is one of the biggest races among Adelaide greyhounds. With trophies and prize money topping $152,000 the Adelaide greyhound owners and gamblers look forward to this event, which is held in January. The Adelaide Cup Selection Panel chooses the top 16 greyhounds from the group of nominations. A minimum of four SA greyhounds will be chosen for the Top 16. Greyhounds with victories in a Group 3 Race in South Australia or an Open Group 1 race are automatically included in the Top 16 as well as the winner of the New Year Sprint. Several heats are run and the final group of greyhounds is chosen for the final Adelaide Cup race. In 1956 the first Adelaide Cup was held at Waterloo Corner. Oakland Chief, owned by Fred Grimes, won the first ever Adelaide Cup. After several moves the Adelaide Cup found its true home in South Australia’s Greyhound Racing headquarters, Angle Park. Doug Payne won the first three Adelaide Cup races with three different greyhounds, Bristol Miss (1972), Valqua (1973), and Bristol Sue (1974) which allowed him to etch his name into the Adelaide Cup archives with an achievement that has been unmatched.

Adelaide Greyhounds Online

Online betting is available to those who cannot be physically present to make wagers. There is plenty of great online venues available allowing Adelaide greyhound racing fans the opportunity to make bets on their favourite greyhounds from home. These websites offer a variety of services along with the online gambling. Tips and multiple betting options are also offered on the sites. The greyhound racing industry is worth millions of dollars and punters have the opportunity to win big. Punters place bets on their favourite Adelaide greyhounds by taking into consideration the dog’s weight, age, previous record, current form, and the race’s starting rate. These calculations can assist the punter with placing wagers on the greyhounds most likely to win or place. Software, such as the Greyhound Indicator, is available to help with the calculations. This type of software utilizes greyhound statistics and simulates a real-time race predicting the winner and gives the punter an idea of which Adelaide greyhound will likely win the race before the race begins.


Adelaide greyhound races are a great way to take pleasure in the sport. Betting can be done at the numerous tracks or online from anywhere across the globe. Adelaide greyhounds can be found at many tracks across the country. Adelaide greyhound racing offers a variety of betting options allowing for a maximum return on wagers. The big Adelaide Cup race is held in January. Whether betting or simply enjoying the sport, Adelaide greyhound racing is a great way to spend time either online or at the track. Individuals looking to bet find themselves with the opportunity to turn a simple wager into a big win. Adelaide greyhounds are a part of the dog racing industry and offer all those who get pleasure from or are interested in greyhounds or dog racing the chance to be a part of the events with gambling or watching the races.